Excel team calendar

Excel team calendar

Create a shift calendar for Excel with all the teams of your plant or department. The team names are sorted ascending and can be edited and interchanged. You can save the generated file and use it in Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

To maximize compatibility with all versions of Excel and with other spreadsheet software, the shift calendar is created as an .xls file instead of an .xlsx. Because this file is created on a server you will get a warning on opening the spreadsheet. You can allways download it and run a check first. In the latest versions of Excel the workbook will open in protected view.

Before you print! Excel's default printer setting is portrait. Always check the print preview before you start printing.


All preset shift schedules are linked to a pattern. When you select a shift schedule from the list, the pattern is automatically filled in. In the same way, every team corresponds with a reference date.

Select a schedule, change the names of the teams and enter the desired year to create your shift calendar. An overview of all schedules is on this page.

Is your schedule not listed? You can create a schedule yourself. More information can be found in the faq.

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