Print calendar webpage

Shift calendar webpage

This application allows you to print your shift schedule from the web browser window. The shift calendar page is divided into two rows of six months and is designed to be printed in "portrait". Always check the print preview before printing.

  • In Google Chrome select “Print…”. Under ”Options”, select “Background graphics” or “Background colors and images”.
  • With Internet Explorer 11, check “print preview” to make sure the calendar matches one page. If no colors are displayed, select "File -> Page Setup ..." from the menu. Check the box "Print Background Colors and Images"
  • To open the print preview in Firefox, select “Print”. If the calendar does not fit on a single page, select "Scale to fit" in the preview window. If no colors are displayed, click "Page Setup" and check the box that says "Print Background (colours & images)".
  • In Microsoft Edge, it is not possible to print background colors. Select "Open with Internet Explorer..." from the menu.
  • In Safari hit "Print", then click on the dropdown menu that says "Copies & Pages", select "Safari" and check the box that says "Print backgrounds".


All preset shift schedules are linked to a pattern. When you select a shift schedule from the list, the pattern is automatically filled in. In the same way, every team corresponds with a reference date.

Select a schedule and a team from the list and enter the desired year to create your shift calendar. You will find an overview of all schedules here.

Is your schedule not listed? You can create a schedule yourself. More information can be found in the faq.

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