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With Shift Calendar Friends, the calendars of your friends are displayed side by side. This way you can quickly check which shifts your friends have. If you have friends or family with different shift schedules, this free app is ideal for you!

Shift Calendar Friends 1.0 runs in your browser on Android, iOS, Windows, Google Chrome and Linux. On recent devices, it will work even if your internet connection is lost or when your device is in airplane mode.

You can save or share Shift Calendar Friends in one of the following ways;

  • On your Android smartphone or tablet, tap the menu icon (three vertical dots) and select the "Add to Home screen" option.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap the Share button (the rectangle with an arrow pointing upward). Tap the "Add to Home Screen" icon in the Share menu.
  • You can save the hyperlink on your computer by adding it to your favorites or dragging it on your desktop.
  • Tap one of the icons at the bottom of the app to share your calendar via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp or email.


All preset shift schedules are linked to a pattern. When you select a shift schedule from the list, the pattern will be completed automatically. In the same way, every team corresponds with a reference date.

Select a schedule and a team from the list to create the link to your shift calendar. Here you will find an overview of all schedules.

Is your schedule not listed? You can create a schedule yourself. More information can be found in the faq.

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