Shift pattern editor

Shift rota editor

If your schedule is not in our database, you can easily create one yourself with our shift pattern editor. The editor outputs a shift pattern and a reference date which is all you need to use every application of this website.

Press the save button to save your pattern and your reference date or choose one of the automatically generated shortcuts at the bottom of this page (after you have created your schedule).

In each application on this website you will find a paste key next to the pattern field, with which you can paste your pattern and your reference date.

Check if your schedule (shift plan, roster or rota) is in our database before you start editing. Use our schedule search tool to find your schedule. If your schedule is not in our database, you can proceed as follows:


You don't have to start at the top of the editing-grid. Start with a date that suits you best and enter all consecutive shifts until your schedule is about to repeat itself. Extra lines are automatically added. Errors at the beginning and the end can be corrected with the trash button. Press the ok-button when you are done.

Use the following symbols to enter your shifts;

  Early shift, morning shift
  Late shift, afternoon shift
  Night shift
  Day shift

  On call duty
  Day off (rest day)
  Omitted, delete

Editing grid loading


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